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                    Transcribed by: TJ Ryan 
Email: Timjim4486@msn.com 
Tables turned again, On you, my friend, 
You and I face each other, All time and time out 
I know it's sometimes hard, But knowing just That we will 
get along Until we're old and grey, And huddled up, And doubled up? we'll say 
And laugh of times were hard Laugh of times when we  
thought all would end it all, it's over, And then again 
|-----1------3--------------- play once for each line of verse 
And though all I know is this way And to leave you Well, I'd die 
Oh, my friend It will be you until the end with me, always 
                ah aha well   always	    yeaaah       Always...   
just play the chorus to the end part once and your done! this is such a awesome song i wish it was longer 
please email me corrections- thanks teej 
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