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                    Dave Matthews Band ?#40?

Intro:  C    C/B   F        G         4X

C         C/B    F       G

Share the time again?I spend with you

              C     C/B     F

A friend is always good to have

               G 	                 C       C/B    F     G

But a lover?s kiss is better than angels raining down at me

C       C/B        F                      G

I dream of you in times?when you?re by my side

                       C      C/B     F        G

Dream your love just like you are so?troubling?

                  C        C/B        F          G

And doubling my pain just with a brim or tear?you shed for me

C      C/B           F      G                 

I wish that I could climb?inside your mind?

          C      C/B

and spend some time in there

F                            G

Hug and hold ya?and mold ya into what I?d like

C      C/B         F               G                          C   C/B

I know I can?t do this?but just a kiss to spend the wild lives

         F              G           F#/D     G    D(strum once)

And the familiar smell?and voice?while I?m waiting?

                     F#/D   G      D(strum once)

Then I lean back, I?m smiling?on you


Most everything you do for me

         Bm                F#/D    G           D

I say, all the while let?s make our way?and feel warm

          F#/D    G

In the middle of this storm with you

       D            Bm    C  C/B    F

And love it through?An---gel

G                 C      C/B    F                      G

Oh well, all the friends say ?boy she?s good?, ?boy she?s right?

       C      C/B        F                  G

I say I?m in your world again, when you?re with a friend

           C  C/B   F           G

You wanna love?   love?         this one

       C    C/B  F         G

I say I say now hold?yeah yeah?

C     C/B    F      G

I do it with you?sometimes?

     C      C/B     F     G                               C   C/B

But, while I do my best?for all the rest?I leave it to you

       F              G   Bm

We can wait for the hour?

          F#/D        G        D

When the two things become this

              A                                   Bm

And all this trouble for a kiss from you, I do it

              F#/D     G           D

And then you come up smiling?and I?m thrown

         F#/D     G 

In the middle of this storm with you

  D      Bm   C    C/B  F

I do it? Al--ways?

   G        C  C/B  F     G      C   C/B     F

Oh?love?love?yeah?yeah?(continue for rest of this line)

   G (spoken quickly with stressed syllables)  C  C/B  F

Oh?impossible, would you please?, would you go?


Oh our love story?well I know

      C     C/B     F              G

The road to you is long? and I?m in it for a while

       C      C/B          F              G

But I need to go a little way? I?ll take a break

   C   C/B    F                  

Inside your world, an evening?

   G    Bm   C   C/B   F


  G          Bm  C   C/B  F

When you are?Ol--der?

 G             Bm C  C/B   F

Time?I?ll give y--a?

 G      Bm  C(strum once)

I feel?Ti--red?

  C    C/B    F    G    F#/D    D    A   Bm







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